Code of Conduct in the Haga Haga Conservancy


 By Conservancy we include the HAGA HAGA  and MARSHSTRAND Villages and RETREAT Private Estate 

 The below applies to the overarching strategy and positioning .


                   Introduction :

                   As a Conservancy it is important to note that all residents and visitors be mindful of the Code of Conduct as both our personal behaviour and that of our families and pets will have a direct impact on both our status as a Conservancy and the impact on the biodiversity that surrounds us. Haga Haga has been proud of its status as a ‘ pristine village “ and we intend to keep it that way.


              Please therefore be guided as follows :


  1. All speed limits must be strictly adhered to specifically within the villiages . Speeding in the past has resulted in the death of various local wildlife . We in addition request that consideration be given to walkers , cyclists etc who use the roads specoifically in the dry months when dust created by fast moving vehicles can be dangerous and very unpleasant whilst out enjoying the surrounds .

2. NO Fire Crackers are allowed at any time given the vast variety of both farm animals and wild species .

The  By-Law  7. (2) (a) refers : “No person shall discharge fireworks from any private property or public place without the written consent of the Municipality.”


3. NO Graffiti will be allowed nor defacing of any property or structures of a permanent or semi-permantent nature  .

The By-Law 5. (b) refers : “ There will be no drawings , prints, writing ( graffiti ) , or any indecent or offensive figures, letters, pictures, words or other representation or matter in the public view will be allowed .


4.  Public Places – Like the Viewing Deck situated near the main beach refers - No noisy or unruly behaviour will be permitted this includes the consumption of alcohol .

Refer to By-laws 2. Refers : “Breaches of the peace”  3. (1) (2)” Indecent behaviour”

5. Absolutely NO parking is allowed on the rocks/beach area.Only a 5 minute stop allowed to off load small kids/umbrellas etc

This is purely an access road for residents and visitors to commute in between Haga Haga and Marshstrand villages.

All due caution is to be taken at all times when crossing the beach , please refer to the sign boards in place .

6. Quad/Motor bikes, 4 wheelers – must be used responsibly for the benefit of all.  Any transgressors will be reported and given a warning and could be charged with “disturbance of the peace”.


7.  No speeding nor noisy exhausts will be allowed , once again this is in line with Haga Haga being a Conservancy .It is specifically in the interest of the smaller localised animals where excess noise can cause severe trauma 


8.  The Haga Haga Conservancy includes both flora and fauna and is a MARINE PROTECTED AREA (Nyara River Mouth to Great Kei River)  ALL regulations must be adhered to in order to preserve and conserve the marine environment and bio-diversity of the coastline.  Shore-based angling, spear fishing & bait collecting activities will be allowed but Strictly controlled through the use of a permit system. ( See Banner on Permits )

9. Parents are fully responsible for their children and must ensure safety at all times .Special care must be given to children when at the waters edge – be aware of rip currents off te main beach . It is recommended that families with small children restrict water activity to the Haga Haga River .

LAUNCH SITE for Small Sailing / Motor Boats :  has a 5 year licence with its own specific regulations which must be adhered to. Note numbering below refers these specific regulations .

(8.1) The site is to be used strictly as a public boat launching site facility.

(8.4) A maximum of TWO trailers may be parked on the beach at any time.

(8.11) No vessel may under any circumstances, except that of an emergency, stop within the Closed Area.

(8.16) Vessels utilizing this launch site will under all circumstances respect passive users within the area.

The licence holder must ensure all other clauses are adhered to.

(8.19) In the event of any non-compliance, the Department reserves the right to withdraw this authorization


(8.20) reserves the right to amend this authorization .... during the validity period of this authorization.

NO Jet ski’s or rubber ducks allowed.  All relevant MPA regulations must be adhered to.



PLEASE Take Note:

Be very aware of the strength of the sea.

When swimming do not go beyond the Specified boundaries..... there are sudden big waves and back washes.

Never leave little ones unattended.  There are Life Guards on duty at the main beach during the Festive Season.

Let’s be a “drown free zone”  at all times.


In case of an emergency call Mooiplaas Police Station:  043-8511541





February 2017