Access to the village of Haga Haga , Marshstrand and Retreat is to turn onto R349 from the N2 , the sign post directs to Haga Haga , Kei Mouth , and Morgan Bay .The turn off from the R349 is opposite St. Anthony’s Wholesalers.


The gravel road leading up to the villages can vary in condition based on rainfall and the volume of traffic, specifically heavy duty vehicles. There are some months of the year when light motor vehicles with a low ground clearance may find the journey challenging .

Whilst the road conditions may vary ,it does not take away the beautiful trip through the farmlands on route and the great variety of cattle , flora and fauna you will find on route , so slow down and enjoy.


It is IMPERATIVE that speeding be avoided at all costs given the movement of animals  crossing the roads , as well as hikers , cyclists and runners using our road . There have been unfortunate instances where monkeys from the vast numbers of local troops in the area have been killed or maimed. Dust remains a consistent problem whilst using the roads so in order to avoid accidents please travel at safe travelling distances and adhere to the speed limits .