You're probably wondering where the name Haga Haga came from, well the origin of the name is as fascinating as the village itself.

So here's an abridged version of what some believe to be the historical and actual background to the origin of the villages name - Haga Haga 

The reference is from " The House of Phalo by J.B. Peires " - 1981 a History of the Xhosa People in the days of their Independence 

The name Haga Haga was derived from the Khoisan sub-chief " Harha - Harha " who had his shelter on the West side of the Haga Haga lagoon . History tells us that Harha- Harha and his entire group was murdered by Rarabe , the infamous brother of Gcaleka , chief of the Xhosa people in the Transkei . It is believed that Rarabe systematically wiped out many of the Khoisan groups on the coast between Port Alfred and Port Edward . 

So now you have both , you choose ! 

In the early years of colonization many farmers in the midlands acquired land at the coast for winter grazing for their livestock. As you can imagine roads were pretty non-existent , so the journey from the inland settlements and towns had to made by ox wagon. So, imagine months of preparation where 

homes were literally moved , including the kitchen sink , along with chickens, cows, sheep, pets, you name it, all went on the journey to the coast.

Arriving at Haga Haga the sandy beach and often-hazardous river had to be crossed with the teams of oxen pulling tremendous loads. One span of 16 oxen was insufficient for the heavy crossing.Therefore the driver of the wagon number 2 would disconnect his span and the driver of number 1

would give the instruction to the number 2 driver to “HAKA HAKA”, which in Xhosa means “ HOOK ON, HOOK ON “. So with a team of 32 oxen the haul could be successfully pulled across the beach and river.

The other story of how Haga Haga got it’s name is from a long standing resident , Gray Ranger, who believes that he was told the correct story by his grandfather many years ago. This facinating version will be included in our ‘ Update “ under this section coming soon .

So , when you have read both , you can  choose which version you want to believe! Haga Haga - as it was then, is a family destination where there is a great appreciation of the environment, which is taken care of by the municipal staff and the local residents, who regard

themselves as custodians for future generations to enjoy. Haga Haga is a picturesque, pristine seaside village on the East Cape coast and is malaria free.

Located just a stones throw from East London, Haga Haga will bring back your love for nature ! Dine at several amazing restaurants, enjoy fresh air along the beach, and keep your eyes fixed on the surroundings to spot one of the many creatures that call Haga Haga their home.

We strive to protect - with more than 300 documented animal species residing in Haga Haga our main priority is to ensure the co-habitation and survival of these amazing creatures. Help us combat environmental pollution, overfishing and the unlawful removal of these creatures